dedication, perseverance, self-discipline Running Blog at FastRunningBlog.Com Sun, 21 Oct 2018 18:14:39 FeedCreator 1.7.2 Sat, Oct 20, 2018 <p>Total of 45:00 for over 6 miles.</p> <p>TLDR:&nbsp; 1 mile hard at end of run in 5:13</p> <p>Full version:&nbsp; I decided to run 1 mile hard near the end of my run as a fitness test of sorts.&nbsp; The goal was to run this mile near all out.&nbsp; I ran the same 6.03 mile loop I have run multiple times in the last two weeks and started the hard mile with 1 mile to go.&nbsp; This entire run is pretty hilly and even while running some of the hills early on my legs felt slightly fatigued going up them.&nbsp; On the downhills I felt fine.</p> <p>The last mile of the run starts off flat with a slight uphill gaining approximately 9 ft.&nbsp; I made it to the top of that rise in approximately 1:13, at which point I started heading downhill.&nbsp; Unfortunately the downhill is steep enough initially that it feels uncomfortable, but eventually it decreases to a more manageable grade.&nbsp; I hit the half mile mark in 2:33, and then ran the last half mile in 2:40 for a total time of 5:13.&nbsp; During the last half mile there is a fairly steep hill, with total elevation gain of approximately 35 ft over the last minute or so of the run.&nbsp; Total elevation change over the last mile is approximately -73 ft, with 44 ft of climbing and 117 ft&nbsp;downhill (net -56 ft during the first half, and -17 ft during the second half).</p> <p>I was really hoping to be under 5:00 for this mile because of the net downhill, so I was a little disappointed to not hit that goal.&nbsp; Overall it was hard to estimate what this sort of effort was worth due to the steep uphill at the end, as well as the uncomfortably steep downhill during the first half that didn&#39;t speed me up as much as I would have hoped.&nbsp; Aerobically I actually didn&#39;t feel too bad, but my legs did not feel like they had the strength in them to run faster.&nbsp; I feel like my current fitness is limited to a large degree at faster speeds by lack of strength.&nbsp; I may implement some additional exercises at home to try and rectify this problem, or maybe some hill sprints (no shortage of those around here).</p> Sat, 20 Oct 2018 06:00:00 Thu, Oct 18, 2018 <p>Total running time of 45:30, with total distance run of approximately 6.69 miles (average pace of 6:48/mi) according to the course tool.</p> <p>TLDR version:&nbsp; I ran a speed workout 3 x 5 min hard, and 3x 1 min hard, 45 min per day during the first half of the week.</p> <p>Full version:&nbsp; All week I have been running 45 min per day, but only running easy.&nbsp; I strained one of the intercostal muscles in my ribs about a week and a half ago and it has hurt to breathe deep or blow my nose, etc.&nbsp; Thankfully this hasn&#39;t happened in a couple years as for a while I was&nbsp;straining an intercostal muscle once every few months.&nbsp; So, for the first half of this week I just kept things easy.&nbsp; I also felt like I ran my runs too fast last week, even though I didn&#39;t run any speed workouts after getting sick, and I felt like I needed to slow things down a little.</p> <p>Today, as I started my run I could tell that my legs were feeling snappy so I decided to run a speed workout.&nbsp; I ran the same loop around Alpine that I ran 3x last week.&nbsp; This loop contains a lot of hills, and I measured it out on the course tool at 6.03 miles.&nbsp; Last week I was running this loop in around 45 minutes, and&nbsp;today I expected to run it at least a few minutes faster.</p> <p>For the speed workout I ran 3 x 5 minutes hard/3 minutes easy, followed by 3 x 1 minute hard/3 minutes easy (only 2.5 minutes easy after the last segment as I had finished the run), starting at the 10 minute mark of the run.&nbsp; The first repeat had about 4 minutes of mostly steep uphill, with about 1 minute of fairly steep downhill (approximate net elevation gain of 115 ft, with total climbing of 158 ft during .76 mi according to course tool).&nbsp; The second rep was almost exclusively downhill (moderate to steep) until the last 20 seconds when it turned uphill again.&nbsp; The last 5 minute rep again had about 4 minutes (mostly steep) uphill and 1 minute of downhill.&nbsp; For the 1 minute reps, the first was downhill until about the 45 second mark and then turned uphill.&nbsp; The second was exclusively downhill (very fast as the grade was pretty consistent).&nbsp; I made it back to the house during the following&nbsp;recovery to complete the loop in 40:57 (3:14 for the last 0.5 mile even though only 1 minute was run hard) for an average pace of approximately 6:47/mile.&nbsp; At 42 min I ran the last 1 minute rep (about 40% downhill and 60% uphill), before turning around once more to head back to the house.</p> Thu, 18 Oct 2018 06:00:00 Sat, Oct 13, 2018 <p>Today&#39;s run:&nbsp; 45 minutes with the running stroller.&nbsp; Not sure how far I ran, but probably 6+ miles.</p> <p>Over the past week and a half I have run between 43-45 minutes most days, except this past Tuesday when I only ran 20 minutes because I was feeling a little under the weather.&nbsp;</p> <p>I ran 43 minutes every day last week after I posted last.&nbsp; I skipped my planned speedwork on Thursday because I was still a little sore from Tuesday&#39;s workout.&nbsp; I ran a tempo run in Park City last&nbsp;Saturday, running from the Canyon&#39;s resort towards the center of town and turning around at 21:30.&nbsp; It was at this point that I started the tempo run, finishing the tempo when I arrived back at the resort at 40:15, before running easy for a few minutes until I hit 43 minutes.&nbsp; I was pretty happy with the workout as I felt strong even when running up some steep hills at the end.</p> <p>This week I ran 45 minutes on Monday, but I felt pretty rotten during the second half of the run and during the rest of the day thereafter.&nbsp; So, on Tuesday I only ran 20 minutes to let myself recover.&nbsp; On Wednesday I started my run with the plan to turn around early if my legs still felt weak, but my legs felt snappy so I ran the full 45 minutes.&nbsp; I ran the full time&nbsp;for the rest of the week thereafter, and while I felt a little off for a good portion of the week, my legs tended to feel good while running.</p> <p>During today&#39;s run there was a fair amount of wind which made running with the stroller difficult, while the hills were pretty tough for me to run up as well.&nbsp; Despite this I still made it through the run at a decent overall pace as I ran the same route I ran on Monday morning and actually finished a little faster despite the stroller (but I didn&#39;t feel sick today, so maybe that helped more than the stroller hurt?).</p> Sat, 13 Oct 2018 06:00:00 Tue, Oct 02, 2018 <p>Total time of 43:xx for today&#39;s run.&nbsp; Estimated 6.32 miles total based upon course tool measurements (average pace of 6:50/mile).</p> <p>Today after a 10 minute warm up I ran 10 x 2 minutes hard 1 minute easy, except after the 5th rep I took a longer recovery of 4 minutes.&nbsp; I was much happier about today&#39;s workout in comparison to Saturday&#39;s.&nbsp; The total amount of hard running was similar to Saturday (20 min vs 21), but the intensity was higher today, there was more total recovery due to the shorter repetitions, while&nbsp;I did not feel as worn out at the end of the run.</p> <p>My calves and tibialis anterior both felt a little sore on Wednesday afternoon due to this workout, but nothing terrible.&nbsp; I may just skip my Thursday speed workout, or scale it back substantially if I am still sore on Thursday morning.</p> Tue, 02 Oct 2018 06:00:00 Sat, Sep 29, 2018 <p>Total time of 43:24 for today&#39;s run.&nbsp; I&#39;m not sure about the distance because I only measured one section of the run on the course tool, and not the entire thing.</p> <p>During this past week I ran between 42-43 min per day.&nbsp; I ran some short speed workouts on Tuesday and Thursday, mixing short sprints into the run on Tuesday, and running 7 x 1 min hard with 4 min rest (yes I know that the rest was probably longer than needed) on Thurday while running with the stroller.&nbsp; I had a few runs during the week where my legs felt pretty snappy, so my runs this week were probably a little faster on average than is the norm for me.</p> <p>Today I ran 2 x 10 min hard with a 5 min recovery between reps.&nbsp; My goal was to be able to run strong during the second rep and not feel like my legs were turning into jello.&nbsp; So, I made a point of trying to keep my pace more conservative during the first rep.&nbsp; Originally I was only going to have a 3 minute recovery between reps, but I ended up in an area where my second rep was going to have substantial uphill, so I lengthened the recovery to try and get to higher ground so that I could have more of a mix of uphill and downhill.</p> <p>Unfortunately I misjudged the length of the initial hill that I was running up.&nbsp; I started my second rep at 25:00, expecting to be at the top of the hill within a minute or two, followed by a flatter stretch for a few minutes with net downhill, one more steep hill for about a minute, and then a steep downhill from there to the finish,&nbsp;and boy did I remember things&nbsp;wrong!&nbsp; It took me approximately three minutes to make it to the top of the hill (0.41 miles with 125 ft elevation gain, almost 6% average grade), and by the time I turned onto the &quot;flat&quot; street my legs already were feeling like jello even though I was not even running under 7:00 mile pace.</p> <p>Once I turned onto the &quot;flat&quot; street I realized that it had more rolling hills than I remembered previously even though my recollection of a net downhill was accurate.&nbsp; Even with the net downhill on that stretch I was struggling to maintain pace and switch gears due to the uphill that was thrown in.&nbsp; By the time I crested the second steep hill around 7:00 into the rep my legs were thoroughly trashed, only for me to then to come to a realization that I still had some more rolling hills (and a net elevation gain) before I finally started to head back downhill.&nbsp; By the time I finally started to run down the final steep downhill (approx 7:40 into the rep) my legs were so trashed that I couldn&#39;t actually push myself enough to feel like I was running hard.&nbsp; The road was so steep (One stretch of approx .14 miles had a negative grade of over 11%) that I was still running sub 6:00 pace during the downhill stretch which covered the last 0.6 miles of the repetition (5:50 average with average negative grade of close to 5%, with approx 150 ft elevation drop), but I never felt like I was running hard during the last 3.5 minutes it took me to get back to Main street.&nbsp;&nbsp;Total distance for the final rep was 1.71 miles covered in 11:12 (aveage pace approx 6:33) with approximately 0 net elevation change (course tool said -2 ft net change).</p> <p>I then finished running back to the house, arriving around 39:30 into the run.&nbsp; I felt so rotten that I considered stopping for a few minutes to rest for a few minutes before finishing the last 3.5 minutes of the run.&nbsp; Ultimately I just decided to keep my legs moving, and by the time I&nbsp;hit 41:00 my legs were feeling a fair amount better, so I was happy that I didn&#39;t stop and was able to finish my run.</p> <p>So in sum, I felt a little disappointed in how the workout turned out because I was trying to take it easier early on so that I could finish stronger.&nbsp; Even at the beginning of the last rep I was making an effort to not kill myself on the uphill, but the grade was so steep that just running at any pace will get my&nbsp;heart rate elevated, so I am trying not to be too critical.&nbsp; I am hopeful&nbsp;that I will eventually get to the point again&nbsp;where I can perform workouts like this and not feel like I am killing myself.</p> Sat, 29 Sep 2018 06:00:00 Sat, Sep 22, 2018 <p>Total time of&nbsp;40:14 for 5.77 miles according to the course tool (average pace of 6:58).</p> <p>I haven&#39;t blogged at all since October (I think), but I figured that I would start blogging again every once in a while, even though I don&#39;t plan on blogging daily like I used to.</p> <p>I only ran sporadically from late October of last year until late May of this year, but I&nbsp;finally got back on the horse and started running more consistently.&nbsp; I started by running&nbsp;20 minutes per day, 6 days per week (only 5 days the first week), pushing the running stroller (with a baby in it of course) an average of 4 days a week.&nbsp; After maybe 8 weeks or so (can&#39;t remember exactly) I started slowly increasing the time&nbsp;I was running and now I am running 40 minutes per day, with only a couple exceptions where I have run longer.&nbsp; Beginning in August I started running with the stroller less frequently (no more than once per week now) as school started and my wife and I stopped running at the same time.</p> <p>During the past months I have time trialed 2 miles with Sasha pacing me, finishing in 11:22.&nbsp; That time will serve as a starting point for me to build off of over the next year or so.&nbsp; As my wife has gotten into shape for the first time (she never exercised consistently her entire life&nbsp;until May of this year at the age of 30) I have paced her to a 17:41 2 mile, with a 1 mile pr of 8:42 en route.&nbsp; She is not competitive, but I am, so I am trying to work within her expectations to&nbsp;see what I can coax out of her physically.</p> <p>For today&#39;s run I used the course tool to measure things after I got back home so all distances are approximate, but likely to be more accurate than&nbsp;GPS devices that people frequently use :).&nbsp; For most days lately I don&#39;t even measure anything, I just run for time and it helps me to not worry about my pace during the run.&nbsp; I had a planned workout today of 2 x 6 minutes hard during the second half of the run, so I ran Southwest of the house turning around at 20:03 (2.73 miles according to the course tool).&nbsp; At 22:00 I started the first rep, running between 1.06 and 1.07 miles in 6:00.&nbsp; I lost approx 57&#39; elevation during the first 2:00, and then gained 32&#39; back during the last 4:00.&nbsp; I started the second rep at 32:00, losing 20&#39; over the first 100m or so, and then gaining 84&#39; thereafter until reaching the house in 37:36 (.91 total distance for the rep up until this point), accidentally slowing down and then realizing that I had more time left to run hard and speeding up to finish&nbsp;the second rep at 38:04 (added time to make up for the slow down).&nbsp; I timed the last half mile to the house in 3:08 while gaining 70&#39; elevation.&nbsp; After finishing the second rep I ran a brief cooldown to finish off the run, making it back to the house in 40:14.</p> <p>I averaged approx 6:25 pace from the turn around until I reached the house.&nbsp;&nbsp;I may have run too fast on the recovery&nbsp;as I still averaged 8:00 pace for that portion of the run.&nbsp; I also may have started the first rep too fast as running on the fairly steep downhill to start off the first rep I was averaging 5:10 pace before slowing down substantially once I started to head back uphill.&nbsp; I am not sure how much of the slowdown was simply due to elevation change and how much was due to fatigue, but I definitely felt like I was struggling some during the second&nbsp;rep, and even near the end of the first rep.</p> Sat, 22 Sep 2018 06:00:00